Welcome to La Locanda dei Gelsi

Set at the bottom of the famous "Ciciu" of Villar San Costanzo in Valle Maira, la Locanda dei Gelsi is a nice inn which originates from the old Occitan tradition.

The old farmstead, which dates back to the mid-eighteenth century, was completely transformed by means of a careful two-year-long renovation respecting the original premises of the house. The inn offers today the opportunity of enjoying the peaceful surrounding environment and a charming view on the Maritime and Cottian Alps.

The inn represents the point of departure for many trips in the vicinity of the Natural Reserve of Ciciu del Villar. It is situated in the heart of the country yet only minutes away from many nice little villages rich in history and art, which can be reached on foot as well as by bike.

La Locanda dei Gelsi welcomes you in and offers you a cosy and inviting restaurant, as well as comfortable rooms and a relaxation area which is waiting to be discovered.